Flu vaccination clinics 2020

This year due to COVID-19, we are having to deliver our annual flu clinics in a different way to ensure staff and patients safety. Therefore, our clinics will be held in a marquee tent at the end of our car park.

All requests for vaccination will be by appointment only, being 10 mins apart so nursing staff can vaccinate then clean down and change PPE after every patient. This means we will not be vaccinating on mass.

When you are given an appointment time, please do not arrive more than 5 mins before your appointment time, and ensure you wear a face mask. Please wear appropriate clothing, so that you upper arm can be easily exposed to receive your vaccination, as there will be no changing facilities.

Due to the government’s strategy of increasing those to receive a vaccination, we will deliver clinics Tuesday to Friday as follows:

  • a) Over 65’s only clinic
  • b) 18-64 at risk clinic
  • c) Children’s clinic
  • d) Additional patients under government strategy when details arrive

We will commence clinics from 17th September 2020 for Over 65’s. Only once they are completed, clinics will be added for the next cohort. During this programme, we will operate one Saturday clinic on a date yet to be confirmed, for any patient who cannot attend during the week due to work commitments.

On arrival for your appointment you will be booked in by one of our admin staff, who will then direct you to nursing staff. Strict social distancing will be applied throughout, and please do not forget to wear a face mask.